February 27, 2021

My MaxYield Internship: Brock Beadle

20140723_maxyield_450Meet Brock Beadle, MaxYield’s Grain Operations Intern


Why did you pursue agriculture as a career path?
I grew up on a farm and have always loved being around agriculture. When it was time to make my career decision, I knew that I wanted to pursue agriculture.

What are your career goals after graduation?
I know that I want to have a career within agriculture, but with the many opportunities in agriculture, I am keeping my options open.

How have you been able to learn from your mentors?
Dan Feller and Dave Hubka have both helped me see the importance of team member management and have been a great resource for any questions that I may have.

What are some of your responsibilities as the grain operations intern?
Unloading and loading trucks, I take temperatures of the bins and make sure the silos are always full. I have also been able to help load a train, and I was responsible for keeping the silos running at full capacity to keep the process moving.

What are some of the intern related activities you have been involved with this summer?
I have been involved with many Kossuth/Palo Alto County Economic Development Corporation events this summer, including the Intern Welcome Breakfast, the golf outing, and the county-wide breakfast. This summer the interns were also able to go out to lunch with MaxYield’s CEO, we visited the Murphy-Brown Feed Mill in Hobarton, the Green Plains Ethanol Plant in Lakota, and the John Deere Tractor Assembly in Waterloo.

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