November 30, 2020

My MaxYield Internship: Clint McConnell

Clint CropMeet Clint McConnell, MaxYield’s Grain Operations Intern

 What has been your favorite thing about your internship so far? I have really enjoyed meeting new people and getting to take on new responsibilities.

What have you learned about grain operations that you didn’t know before? Some of the new things I have learned include how the probe works, how to hedge markets and how settlements work, and the total grain capacities of each of the MaxYield locations.

 What is it like working with your supervisors in the grain department? Harry Bormann, Karl Setzer, and Rick Abrahamson are all great to work with and very knowledgeable.  They also are very patient with me as I ask many questions.

 What are some of the activities you have been involved with in your internship? So far I have visited the MaxYield locations and attended the Kossuth County Intern breakfast where the other interns and I learned about the events and skills building activities available through the Kossuth County Economic Development program.  The other MaxYield interns and I, along with Chad Meyer and Diane Streit, also had the opportunity to enjoy a little off the clock interaction at the Humboldt bowling alley. 

What are some of the intern related tasks you have been working on? I have been working on various projects with Karl Setzer, Rick Abrahamson, and Harry Bormann.  I have also had the chance to run the scale and probe at the West Bend location.

What are you most looking forward to this summer as a MaxYield intern? I am looking forward to getting a better grasp on everything that deals with grain operations and gaining a good relationship with MaxYield Cooperative.

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