March 1, 2021

My MaxYield Internship: Collete Haag

Meet Collete Haag, MaxYield’s Grain Industry Intern

 Collete Haag

Why did you decide to pursue accounting in college?
I chose accounting because I enjoy working with numbers and organizing the financial aspect of a business. I have been able to see the career that my mom has, working as a loan secretary for Bank Plus. I have been able to see the environment of working in a bank, and have found it very interesting. Throughout my freshman year at Iowa State I took many business and accounting classes that also furthered my interest in accounting.


How did you hear about the MaxYield Grain Industry Internship?
When applying for MaxYield scholarships in the past, I learned about the different opportunities that MaxYield offers students, including many internship positions. When I was at the Iowa State Ag Career Fair this fall, I learned more about the various internships and thought the Grain Industry Internship would be a great fit for me.

Who are your mentors for the summer, and how have they helped you through your first weeks?
My mentors for the summer are Harry Bormann, Grain Team Leader, and Rick Abrahamson, Corporate Grain Accounting. I have enjoyed working with Rick and Harry during my first weeks at MaxYield. I know that whenever I have a question about a project they will help guide me through the task.

What have you learned through your internship so far?
My first few weeks I have been busy being involved in many different projects that have allowed me to see how grain is marketed, how to hedge grain, and also learning how important it is to have a grasp on the grain trucking logistics.

What has been your favorite of your first weeks at MaxYield?
Meeting the other employees throughout the office has been one of my favorite parts so far. I feel very welcomed every morning when I walk in the door. I have also really enjoyed meeting the other interns and participating in Kossuth County Economic Development events, such as the intern breakfast.

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