February 27, 2021

My MaxYield Internship: Collete Haag

Collete CompMeet Collete Haag, MaxYield’s grain Industry Intern

What advice would you give future interns/students who want to work at MaxYield?
The advice that I would give to student would like to work at MaxYield is to not be afraid to ask a question; everyone who I have encountered has been extremely friendly and willing to share what they know. MaxYield also wants interns to try new things that are out of their comfort zone.
What has been your best experience as a MaxYield Intern?
My best experience as an intern was when I went to all the east MaxYield locations with CFO Susan Post to count inventory for our year-end audit. It was really nice to get to meet many of the employees that run the various locations. I also was able to visit the new fertilizer plant in Belmond.
What has made your internship at MaxYield a good Experience?
My internship has been a good one because of all the different employees that I have encountered. Within the corporate office, everyone is extremely friendly and willing to help. I have also been able to take on tasks from our controller, Cory Thilges, who has taught me a lot on how to handle billing to our suppliers, truckers and other businesses.

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