November 30, 2020

My MaxYield Internship: Dominic Snyder

Meet Dominic Snyder, MaxYield’s Market Research Intern

Dominic SnyderI’m Dominic Snyder and I’m from Logan, Iowa.  My parents are Steve and Suni Snyder; and I’m pursuing a double major in Agriculture Business and Economics from Iowa State University, with a minor in History. I decided I wanted to pursue a degree in agriculture when I started working for the USDA after my freshman year in college.

I’ve been a Market Research Intern for MaxYield since January and will continue throughout the summer.  To obtain my internship I interviewed with Stacey Noe through AgEI at Iowa State, and then she set me up for an interview with MaxYield.  During the spring semester while working for MaxYield, I worked in the AgEI student offices at Iowa State University.

Harry Bormann is my mentor, and he has been very helpful with my project.  I’ve had a few challenges along the way, and Harry has been helpful with brainstorming new ideas to find solutions. I’ve learned that while researching there will be challenges, but finding their solutions is the best way to learn. I’ve been working in the corporate office for the majority of my time at MaxYield, but I have also been able to spend some time at Kerber Feed Mill in Emmetsburg; and hopefully as the summer progresses I will have the opportunity to experience more new things.

I’ve enjoyed doing market research for MaxYield these past few months, and so far I’ve enjoyed getting to know MaxYield’s team members and clients, and also getting to working at the Kerber Feed Mill.

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