February 25, 2021

My MaxYield Internship: Dominic Snyder

Meet Dominic Snyder, MaxYield’s Market Research Intern

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What is unique about your agriculture background and/or experiences?
What is unique about my ag background and experience is that I didn’t get involved with agriculture until I was in college, so I did not have the advantage of pervious hands-on knowledge and work like most kids who grew up on a farm. Growing up in a small town I knew agriculture was around, but I never had the opportunity to get involved. Now that I have the chance to be involved with agriculture, I try to gain as much experience possible by doing different tasks and learning new things. Because I don’t have a ton of experience, I’m always open to trying new jobs and learning new things to expand my horizons.

What are you career goals after graduating?
Upon graduation, I would like to find a career in the agriculture field and remain somewhere in Iowa. It would be nice to find a job close to my hometown, but at the same time I have always considered moving away from home for a different perspective. I would definitely prefer living in a small town compared to a big city, and I hope to work for a smaller company, rather than a large corporation.

How do you see your MaxYield internship helping you with your future plans?
I’ve learned a lot while working with MaxYield this summer, and all of my experiences will help benefit me in the future. Working with MaxYield has shown me that I would enjoy working for a company of its size. This internship has exposed me to many different areas of a cooperative, and I hope that the experience I gained helps me become an asset to a company, and a more versatile employee.

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