March 1, 2021

My MaxYield Internship: Haley Banwart

Haley BanwartAmidst the bustle of this spring’s delayed planting season I began my MaxYield experience as the 2013 Communications Intern. As I stepped foot in the West Bend corporate office on Monday, May 13 I felt a combination of excitement and nervousness. Those feelings began to disappear as I was warmly greeted by many familiar faces as well as several new ones.

My first two days on the job I took a road trip with Client Relations/Communications Director, Chad Meyer, and Grain Intern, Clint McConnell. Clint and I were given the grand tour of the MaxYield locations and it was great to be welcomed by so many friendly team members. We were even surprised to learn of a location we had never heard of when we visited the small town of Meservey. My favorite part of the tour was visiting the $4.4 million fertilizer plant in Belmond.  I was shocked to see such a project underway in rural Iowa and I was captivated by the sheer size of the massive structure.

On Wednesday I had the opportunity to meet the other interns and we were given the safety low down with Safety Coordinator Tom Winkel. Although safety can sometimes be a monotonous subject I was extremely impressed with the thought and detail that has gone into MaxYield’s protection protocol. It is reassuring to know that MaxYield places safety as a high priority for all team members.

Friday concluded the first week of my internship as the other interns and I learned the ins and outs of MaxYield Cooperative with Education Leader, Patti Guenther. and were treated to lunch with CEO, Keith Heim.  Gaining knowledge of the history, organizational structure, and initiatives of MaxYield made me feel confident that I can positively reflect upon the philosophy and mission that the company strongly stands by.

In summary, my first week as a MaxYield intern has left me with a great impression that I will have a very meaningful learning experience that will help me to be successful in the future. I look forward to all of the events and tasks I will be involved with this summer and for the chance to network with the talented individuals that make up the MaxYield team.  Thank you for such a warm welcome!


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