February 25, 2021

My MaxYield Internship: Haley Banwart

Three weeks have already flown by since I started my intern experience at MaxYield. Despite the sporadic weather all has been well and I have stayed busy working on my responsibilities as the CommunicHaley Banwartations Intern.  A day in the life of a MaxYield Communications Intern is never the same or predictable, but I would have to admit that I like it that way.

Lately I have been driving cross country throughout northwest Iowa as I have been meeting the owners of the antique tractors and cars scheduled to be featured in the 2014 MaxYield calendar. I have really enjoyed visiting with the interviewees as they all have a unique story to share. One of my favorite elements about being in communications is listening to people’s experiences and finding a compelling way to write them down for others to enjoy.

Another project that I have been working on includes organizing and coordinating the intern summer field trips and activities. At the end of June the interns will visit Hobarton and the Lakota ethanol plant. Later, in July, we will tour AGCO in Jackson, MN. Both of these trips will be great opportunities for us to see a different side of the agricultural industry.

All of the projects and opportunities that I have had at MaxYield over the past few weeks have definitely made a positive impact. I have learned so much in such a short time and I am extremely grateful that I have been given the chance to practice and develop my communications skills in a real live agricultural setting. Often times when I have told people that I am an Agricultural Communications student they tease me that I simply “talk to plants and animals”. Now that I am gaining more background with my internship experience I can prove how communication is essential to the future of agriculture.


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