March 2, 2021

My MaxYield Internship: Haley Banwart

In my opinion, role models are essential in the shaping of a career path for every student. Throughout my internship experience I have met many great people who have positively influenced my perception of the agricultural workforce. One of these role models includes D20130619_maxyield_300arcy Maulsby, a freelance journalist who has worked with MaxYield Cooperative for several years.  On July 1st and 2nd I had the opportunity to learn from her as she interviewed the individuals scheduled to be featured in the upcoming issue of My Solutions. After talking with Darcy and seeing her in action I am even more confident that agricultural communications is the right path for me.

Another important puzzle piece of discovering one’s professional destiny includes gaining experience. From organizing the 2014 calendar, event planning, and conducting video interviews, I definitely feel that I have expanded my skill set in the communications field. Challenging myself in a real life business setting has been a great opportunity for me as I have realized the corporate culture compared to the nature of performing manual farm labor for my dear old dad.

To be an intern at MaxYield Cooperative is a true privilege. During my first weeks as a freshman at Iowa State University I was already being encouraged and advised to seek out internships early on in my college career. Now that I am about half way through my internship with MaxYield I certainly understand the reason why this objective is so heavily preached at ISU. Not only have I developed and improved my communications skills, but I have also gained a better understanding of what opportunities are available for me in a future career. Additionally, my internship has helped me to narrow down which career path I would like to pursue and has strengthened my enthusiasm to act as an advocate of agriculture.


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