February 27, 2021

My MaxYield Internship: Haley Banwart

Looking back on my summer experience as a MaxYield communications intern I reflect on two matters:Haley Final

  1. Where did the summer go??
  2. I am so lucky to have had the opportunity to intern at MaxYield Cooperative.

The amount of knowledge and skills I have gained over the past three months is simply incredible. I am so grateful for having the opportunity to be a part of the MaxYield team and I know the invaluable experiences and lessons I have learned over the summer will be essential as I move forward in my college career.

Growing up, I had many different ideas about what type of career I might pursue as a student and eventually as an adult. Even two years ago I wouldn’t have been able to predict that agricultural communications was the right path for me. After starting my college career at Iowa State University and spending the past summer with MaxYield Cooperative, I now know that agriculture is certainly the driving factor that motivates me each day. Yes, I have a strong will for writing and communicating about agricultural topics, but my passion runs much deeper than this alone.

Everything from collecting mud on my boots on the farm to making strong relationships with the genuine people of rural communities has helped me gain a profound appreciation for agriculture. Interning at MaxYield Cooperative is another example of an experience that has only strengthened my dedication to pursuing my goal of being an agricultural advocate.

Thank you to everyone at MaxYield Cooperative who has made my intern experience a true success!

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