March 1, 2021

My MaxYield Internship: Jared Wellik

Jared COMPMeet Jared Wellik, MaxYield’s Crop Scout Intern


Why did you decide to study agriculture as a career path?
Growing up on a farm, I always enjoyed helping my dad farm. Helping out on the farm instilled a passion for the agricultural industry. I have always known that I have wanted to work in agriculture, and I am excited to pursue it as a career.
How did you hear about the MaxYield Crop Scouting internship?
My family receives the My Solutions magazine, and I had read about previous interns and their experiences. I also knew students who had worked as an intern for MaxYield and decided that I also wanted to pursue an internship with MaxYield.


Who are your mentors and how have they helped guide you through your first weeks?
My mentors are Kody Trampel and Rachel Norby. Kody helps me with my crop scouting tasks, and Rachel helps me with soil sampling. Both Rachel and Kody have been great help to me whenever I have any questions.
What are your career goals after graduation?
After college I want to pursue agricultural sales in either seed or animal feed sales.


What do you hope to learn throughout your internship experience?
During my internship I hope to learn more about crop protection, how to better communicate with farmers and to learn more about MaxYield.

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