February 25, 2021

My MaxYield Internship: Jared Wellik

Jared CompMeet Jared Wellik, MaxYield’s Crop Scout Intern

What has been your best experience as a MaxYield Intern?
My best experience has been being able to network and ask questions with all the knowledgeable team members at MaxYield. I have had the pleasure to work with multiple agronomy Specialists in the East Area, and they have all been influential to me in learning more about seed, chemicals, weeds, etc. Working with my mentor Kody Trampel has also been a great experience. Because he is a past intern for MaxYield, he has been where I am today, and is a great resource. Kody has allowed me to go with him to speak with clients, which has been great because I really enjoy learning from other farmers.

Would you recommend an internship with MaxYield?
Yes, it is a great company to work with, they really make you feel like a part of the team from day one. There are so many people to learn from at MaxYield and everyone is ready to help you. I highly recommend looking into a MaxYield internship to anyone!

What advice would you give future interns/students who want to work at MaxYield?
Get involved with everyone you can within the company, they all have different things you can learn from them. Don’t be afraid to ask for help and always help each other out.

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