February 27, 2021

My MaxYield Internship: Kimberly Dornbier

Meet Kim Dornbier, MaxYield’s Grain Accounting/Finance Intern

20150616_maxyield_237 (681x1024)What is unique about your ag background and/or experiences?
My ag background is kind of unique because I was born and raised on a diversified farm with row crops and finisher hogs. The unique part is that I have never lived on a farm or acreage. Though being a part of all different parts of agriculture, I fully developed my passion for ag when I became a member of a 4H club. I’m truly blessed that I was raised around ag, and was given the tools to learn about agriculture hands on.

What types of ag related activities, organizations, and/or projects were you involved in growing up?
Growing up I was very active in organizations such as 4H, FFA, and the Iowa Swine Jackpot Series (ISJS). Each of these organizations have helped me further my career in agriculture, giving me connections and experience in many different fields.

Currently, through my collegiate career, at Iowa State University, I have been active in many different clubs such as the Agricultural Business Club, Block & Bridle, and Sigma Alpha Delta (Agriculture Sorority). I have enjoyed my time with these organizations and can’t wait to see what the future holds for me in each of them.

What are you career goals after graduation?
My goal is to graduate from college in four years or less and to land myself a job in a great workplace. I’m currently unsure of which career direction I want to go, but I do know I want to stay active in agriculture, and be a world advocate. I guess I will have to wait and see what my future has in store for me!

How do you see your MaxYield internship helping you with your future plans?
My MaxYield internship will be beneficial to my future in agriculture. Interning at MaxYield has given me many chances to network with other farmers and leaders in the ag industry, giving me real live situations to handle, and it has taught me that every day isn’t the same in the world of ag.

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