February 25, 2021

My MaxYield Internship: Ryan Flagel

Internship Update20130619_maxyield_277

What is the day in the life of a Grain Operations Intern like at MaxYield Cooperative? Throughout the summer I have done a variety of grain related tasks such as dumping grain trucks, grading grain, blending corn, and being involved with the train loading process.

What have been some of your main projects as an intern this summer? One of my biggest projects was unloading the grain bunker. The bunker was full with about 1.3 million bushels of corn so it was a project that kept me pretty busy throughout the summer.

What is it like working with the MaxYield team? Everyone at MaxYield has been very helpful and understands that I am an intern. They have taken their time to introduce me to how the elevator operates and have done a great job at answering my questions.

What has been one of your best experiences as a MaxYield intern? I have really enjoyed being a part of the train loading process because I have learned something new every time. I have been involved with three train loadings and each time I played a new role from being a switchman, to sealing, to running grain.

 How has your college experience helped you to prepare for your internship? One of my college courses taught me how to grade grain so that was really helpful in preparing me for a grain operations internship. It was nice to have that type of experience before starting at MaxYield.

 What are some of the opportunities that you have had at MaxYield that you didn’t expect when starting your internship? I am going to have the chance to work with the SciMax program which will be a great opportunity because it pertains to my college experience. I have worked with other programs such as SMS through Ag Leader so I am looking forward to learning what SciMax is all about.

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