February 25, 2021

My MaxYield Internship: Ryan Mayland

Meet  Ryan Mayland – MaxYield’s Agronomy/ Seed Sales InternRyan Mayland

What are some of your responsibilities as the Agronomy/Seed Sales Intern? I help deal with clients which has allowed me to gain more sales experience. I also work in the seed chemical warehouse and later on in the summer I will scout fields.

 What are some new things you have learned about agronomy and seed sales? I have learned how to treat seed and have gained a great deal of knowledge of how to work with clients than I ever have before.

What is it like being a part of the MaxYield team? I am grateful to be regarded as a member of the MaxYield team instead of being labeled only as a crop scout. I have learned a lot about the company and I have really enjoyed dealing with clients and working with different people.

 What has made your intern experience with MaxYield a successful one? The people that I work with have definitely made a positive impact on my internship experience.  Everyone I have worked with has a great deal of knowledge about the business and have been good models for me to learn from.

 How has MaxYield broadened your perspective on agriculture? Now that I am in a new territory I have the opportunity to see how things are done in a new area versus where I have previously worked.

What are you looking forward to as an intern this summer? I am looking forward to gaining more sales experience mainly because I am considering making a career in the seed sales business. I am also looking forward to being exposed to the seed side of agronomy.

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