February 25, 2021

My MaxYield Internship: Ryan Mayland

Internship Update

What arRyan Editse some projects you have been working on throughout the summer? As an agronomy intern I am in charge of one of MaxYield’s clients. About every two weeks I go out to their fields and check the stage of the plants and I also note the presence of weeds or insects. I send in tissue samples for testing and when the results are in I discuss them with the client.

What types of skills have you gained throughout your internship? I have learned a great deal about agronomy, especially through the SciMax program. SciMax is geared towards a more technical side of agronomy than what I have ever worked with before. I have also had the opportunity to develop my interpersonal skills by meeting with clients on a daily basis.

Who are your mentors and how have they helped you succeed at your internship? Kurt Metzger and Dan Stokes are my mentors. Both of my mentors and other agronomy specialists at MaxYield have helped me to succeed by always being available to answer my questions.

What motivates you working as an intern at MaxYield Cooperative? I am motivated as a MaxYield intern because I learn something new every day and no two days as an agronomy/seed sales intern are the same.

What has been your best experience this summer? My best experience this summer as an intern has been meeting with clients every day. During a previous job as a crop scout intern I didn’t have any interaction with the clients so it has been a great experience getting to have a relationship with the growers.

How has your internship experience impacted your agricultural knowledge? My MaxYield internship experience has benefited my agronomy knowledge both in the field gaining hands on experience and in the office learning from my mentors. The things I have learned as an intern have definitely exceeded the limited knowledge that a student can learn in a college textbook.

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