February 28, 2021

My MaxYield Internship: Ryan Mayland

Ryan COMPMeet Ryan Mayland, MaxYield’s Advanced Agronomy sales Intern

What has been your best experience as a MaxYield Intern?
My best experience at MaxYield has been the responsibility and freedom that MaxYield has given me. Throughout my internship I have been able to work on my own, which has allowed me to get more out of my internship and showed me what the responsibilities of a full-time team member is like.


What has been the most valuable thing you have learned as an intern at MaxYield that you didn’t know before?
The most valuable thing I have learned is how to be self-efficient. I have been able to work on my own, and plan my own schedule without being told what to do every day.


How has MaxYield expanded your perspective on agriculture?
MaxYield has expanded my view of agriculture by allowing me to work in a different area from where I grew up. This has showed me how different areas do things just a little bit different, such as tillage and fertilizer.

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