November 28, 2020

My MaxYield Internship: Sven Nielson

Sven 2 CompMeet Sven Nielson, MaxYield’s Crop Scout Intern


How has MaxYield expanded your perspective on agriculture?
My internship at MaxYield has broadened both my understanding and appreciation for agriculture. The amount of precision and knowledge that goes into the processes this company does is simply unreal.


What advice would you give future interns/students who want to work at MaxYield?
My advice to future interns is to be prepared for anything that gets thrown your way. Some days can be really busy while and other days could go by slow, only because you can’t go into the field.

What has made your internship at MaxYield a good one?
My internship was a good experience because of this great team. The people that work at MaxYield bring a welcoming and friendly atmosphere to the work place which is very refreshing and assuring for me in my pursuit of a future job in the workforce.

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