February 25, 2021

New Phone Numbers at Several MaxYield Locations

The number you dial when you call some MaxYield Cooperative offices will be changing soon. Why is this change happening and what do you need to know as this transition occurs?

  1. The new system will save your cooperative money. The new phone system is an internet-based phone service and MaxYield can save roughly 30 percent, trimming several thousand dollars a month from our phone bill.
  2. The new system will increase efficiency, be easier to maintain and ultimately provide better service for you.

  3. Not all new landline numbers look exactly like local numbers. Because our new phone system is internet-based, not all of our existing phone numbers were transferable to the new system. Fifteen MaxYield locations will have new landline phone numbers.
  4. New local landline numbers include: (800 numbers remain the same)

Belmond:                                      515-200-5140              877-327-4590

Dickens:                                        712-454-1052              800-779-0003

Emmetsburg:                                712-454-1050             800-544-6738

Emmetsburg-Kerber:                   712-454-1055

Energy Central:                            515-200-1362              866-711-7282

Everly:                                           712-454-1038              800-568-2238

Greenville:                                    712-454-1023

Gruver:                                         712-454-1030

Klemme:                                       712-454-1061              800-397-0021                         

Mallard:                                        712-454-1040              800-779-0002

Meservey:                                     515-200-5145

Superior:                                      712-454-1045              800-242-3625

West Bend Location:                   515-200-5123              866-935-7245

West Bend Cenex:                       515-200-5161

West Bend Tires & Service:         515-200-5131

West Bend Corporate Office:     515-200-5115              800-383-0003

*If you call the new numbers from your cell phone, there will be no long distance charges to you. If the call is placed from a landline, we recommend you use one of our 800 numbers to avoid long-distance charges.

**We’ll also keep the old landline phone numbers for six to 12 months after we switch to the new phone system, and any incoming calls will be rolled over to MaxYield’s new phone numbers automatically during that time period.

Contact your nearest MaxYield location with any questions. Thank you for your patience and understanding as we upgrade our phone system to save your cooperative money and increase efficiency!




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