February 26, 2021

New Seed Treater Offers You More Value

20140129_maxyield_289 compWhile MaxYield Cooperative has used reliable seed treaters for a number of years, it’s time to upgrade. This year we’ll be using new seed treaters at our West Bend, Spencer, and Garner locations.

Why are we excited about these high-tech seed treaters? Just ask Matt Keel, seed solutions specialist for MaxYield’s East Area. “Fast, gentle, and accurate are the best ways to describe these seed treaters, which can process up to 2,000 bushels per hour.”

Keel also noted that the efficient, automated seed treaters:

• Make it quick and easy to apply the correct amount of seed treatment, according to labeled rates.

• Are fully enclosed, which eliminates a lot of dust and means less exposure for both the operator and the environment. “Our team members no longer have to mix the slurry by hand, so there’s no red dye staining their hands,” Keel said. “Also, the fully enclosed system means less dust.”

• Print off a data sheet after each batch, listing every treatment that was applied to the seed.

“Technology changes fast in the seed business today,” Keel said. “MaxYield is pleased to invest in new seed treaters that will provide the highest-quality results for our clients.”


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