March 1, 2021

New Shop/Service Station Slated for West Bend

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Site preparation for MaxYield’s new shop/service station in West Bend started again the week of April 7th.

When MaxYield Cooperative’s west shop was built in West Bend in 1972, followed by the service station in 1975, and the east shop in 1978, they were the right fit for the era. Times have changed, however, so MaxYield’s board of directors recently approved the construction of a new shop on the northeast edge of West Bend.

“Our current shop facilities are deficient from what we really need, because they’re not big enough to work on today’s larger equipment,” said Keith Heim, CEO.

The new 19,200-square-foot shop will be built east of the corporate office, on land that MaxYield purchased from the West Bend Development Corporation. Site preparation was done in the fall, said Jeff Marsh, MaxYield’s operations team leader. When the new shop becomes operational by the fall of 2014, it will offer five key benefits, including:

1. Room for everything. The 80-foot by 240-foot building will house the service station, MaxYield’s maintenance shop, and MaxYield’s tire inventory. In addition, the building will include 1,800 square feet of lobby area and office space, two restroom facilities, and a break room.

2. Multiple bays. With four bays, the shop will easily accommodate routine work and emergency jobs. “We’ve been so confined in our current space, but this multi-bay system won’t handcuff us,” Marsh said. “We’ll be able to have small projects and long-term projects underway at the same time.”

3. Better use of team members’ skills. Bringing the service station and internal maintenance operations under one roof will allow MaxYield to utilize team members’ skills more efficiently. “We can move expertise and labor back and forth, as needed,” Marsh said.

4. Extra storage. Not only will the new shop provide ample storage space for tools and equipment, but the existing shop and service station in West Bend will house equipment and supplies used by MaxYield’s mobile maintenance team and electricians.

5. More functional space. Along with extra storage space, the new shop will include two lifts, including one for heavy equipment like TerraGators®. The spacious shop will allow team members to open the booms up to service them. Working in less crowded conditions will enhance safety within the shop, Marsh noted. “I’m looking forward to the greater efficiency the new shop will provide. The most exciting thing about this is the opportunity to provide more timely service for our clients and create a better working environment for our team members.”

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