November 27, 2020

My MaxYield Internship: Sven Nielson

Sven COMPMeet Sven Nielson, MaxYield’s Crop Scouting Intern

Why did you decide to pursue agriculture as a career path?
I decided to pursue agriculture, because I really enjoyed participating and learning through my schools FFA program. Growing up I also helped on my grandfather’s farm, which allowed me to see a close look at agriculture.

What are your career goals after graduation?
Right now I am keeping my options open. I enjoy design and may pursue that. I would really like to step out of Iowa and see what else is out there.

How have your mentors Tim Bruns and Justin Zwiefel helped you throughout your first weeks?
Tim and Justin have been a great resource for me to ask questions on the different agronomy projects that I am involved with.

What are some of your responsibilities as the crop scouting intern?
As the crop scouting intern I communicate with growers, identify weed and pest problems in client’s fields and then come up with a strategy with my mentor Tim Bruns to treat the issue.

What is it like being an intern for MaxYield?
It has been a great opportunity, MaxYield allows its interns to feel a part of the MaxYield team. All of the team members are there to answer any questions I may have.


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