February 25, 2021

“Old” MaxYield Phone Numbers Stop Service January 15

The phone number of some MaxYield Cooperative locations changed during the summer of 2017. This update has gone relatively smooth and has helped achieve cost savings, increased efficiency and better service to you.

One more important change is coming soon. Effective January 15, 2018, the “old” phone number you dial when you call the locations below will no longer be in service. If the “old” phone number is used after January 15, you will receive an out of service message and not be able to reach your MaxYield location. ■

To avoid any disruption in reaching MaxYield, we urge you to update your phone contacts to include the following new MaxYield landline numbers:

Belmond: 515-200-5140

Dickens: 712-454-1052

Emmetsburg: 712-454-1050

Emmetsburg – Kerber Office: 712-454-1055

Energy Central/Fuel Orders: 515-200-1362

Everly: 712-454-1038

Greenville: 712-454-1023

Gruver: 712-454-1030

Klemme: 712-454-1061

Mallard: 712-454-1040

Meservey: 515-200-5145

Superior: 712-454-1045

West Bend: 515-200-5123

West Bend Tires & Service: 515-200-5131

West Bend Cenex: 515-200-5161

West Bend Corporate Office: 515-200-5115

Contact your nearest MaxYield location with any questions. Thank you for your patience and understanding as we upgrade our phone system to save your cooperative money and increase efficiency.

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