January 18, 2021

Order Diesel NOW, Get It NOW, Pay LATER

20150115_maxyield_226 (1024x650)Who has time to mess around ordering diesel fuel when it’s go time in the spring? If you order now, you can check one more thing off your to-do list and take advantage of our delayed diesel fuel payments.

This deal is going on now through March 31 for farm diesel. This is the time of year that typically gives you the best pricing. Also, payment for the farm diesel we deliver now won’t be due until April 20.

Here are a few more factors to consider:

• It’s better for your diesel fuel tanks to be full in the winter. Less condensation is a key to keeping unwanted water out of the tank.
• The delayed diesel fuel payment program lets you fill your tanks now at reasonable prices, compared to prices from recent years. Don’t wait for prices to go to zero, because they won’t.
• Delivering your farm diesel now spreads the workload for us, which helps us operate more efficiently and pass along the savings to you.

For more information on delayed diesel fuel payments, contact MaxYield’s Energy Central at 866-711-7282.



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