January 26, 2021

Paving His Own Way: Alex Londerville’s Story

If you’d asked Alex Londerville, our newest grain origination trainee, four years ago what he’d be doing after college, the agriculture industry would not have been a topic of conversation. Originally from Swisher, Iowa, Alex spent two years at the University of Iowa’s business college before transferring into ag business at Iowa State University. “I knew I had a love for business and that’s what took me to [the University of] Iowa first. I realized through helping some of my buddies out on their farms that I really had a passion for agriculture, so I decided to combine the two and transferred to Iowa State for an ag business degree.”

Iowa State was also what brought him to MaxYield Cooperative. “I found the [grain origination trainee] position on CyHire (Iowa State’s job board). I was looking for full time openings in grain origination or merchandising, and this was one of the positions I applied for. I really enjoyed meeting everyone [from MaxYield], and [the way I was treated] in the interview was what really sealed the deal.”

A common theme among interns and new hires is their love for MaxYield’s clients and getting the chance to work with them. Alex is no different. “The best part of this position is dealing with clients on a daily basis- whether it’s over the phone or if they stop at the location, or if I go out in the country by myself for the day, it’s nice to just talk to them and get to know them. That’s what I like most about it.”

Mick Hoover, risk management team leader, serves as Alex’s mentor. Mick’s mentorship is something Alex considers an asset when beginning his career at MaxYield. “I’ve benefitted from having Mick as a mentor just by seeing his love and his passion for grain origination. By talking to him I know how much he loves those things, even if he doesn’t do it on a daily basis anymore. Just seeing his drive gives me drive, too, and a desire to be successful at it.”

‘Fantastic’ rolled off the tongue as a way to encompass his experience at MaxYield so far. “I really like what I do. I’ve only been doing it for a couple of months now but I really enjoy the company and my job, and I’m excited about the future… Once I [build my] skills in grain origination and grow my relationship with clients, I look forward to growing within MaxYield; taking on more responsibilities, becoming more of an asset to the company and to our clients, and to being successful.”

The team members at MaxYield want to see Alex become successful, too, by sharing their knowledge and support, which is one reason he would recommend working at the cooperative to anyone with an interest. “Without a doubt go for it… The wealth of knowledge and the guidance that you get working here is second to none. Just go in with open arms, open eyes, and open ears and embrace it.”

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