November 24, 2020

Preferred Stock Offering Deadline Nears

5-percentLast Day to Enroll is JULY 31, 2013!

Earn a 5% Annual Return With Our Preferred Stock Offering

MaxYield Cooperative is announces one easy choice for investing in your future and the future of your cooperative: our new Preferred Stock Offering program.

This new investment opportunity from MaxYield offers $6 million of preferred stock with shares that pay you a 5% annual dividend. This is a win for you, our communities and MaxYield. Our clients have the opportunity to earn a good return on an investment, the communities we serve continue to grow and MaxYield builds a stronger equity base.

The preferred stock offering will allow us to continue and even accelerate MaxYield’s facility upgrades, completing asset upgrades faster in order to serve you more effectively.

Learn more about this exciting opportunity for you and MaxYield!

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