February 28, 2021

Preserving the Land

MESERVEY | When Wayne Koehler, Meservery, first started farming in 1970 farmers would plow the land multiple time without realizing how much top soil they were losing.

Today, Koehler and wife Val are doing everything they can to be good stewards of their farmland. They’ve even been recognized for their efforts by receiving the Iowa Farm Environmental Leader Award during the Iowa State Fair in August.

“We need to do something to help conserve the soil,” Wayne Koehler said. “Not just for our generation but future generations. It takes too long to rebuild the top soil.”

Koehler’s efforts toward more environmentally friendly farming began in the 1990s when he moved to no-till for both corn and soybeans. However, not seeing the results he wanted with corn acres, he switched to minimum-till with corn.

He has continued with no-till soybeans, and in the mid-2000s when yield monitors and GPS were widely used in tractors and combines Koehler started participating in precision farming programs through SciMax Solutions, which is part of MaxYield Cooperative.

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