February 27, 2021

Put Your Soil to the Test: Get the Dirt on SciMax’s New Soil Sampling Service

20131009_maxyield_104 compHow will you feed your high-yielding crops of the future? Accurate grid soil sampling is the first step to getting the most economic return on your precision farming investment.

All soil tests aren’t created equal, however. That’s why MaxYield Cooperative and SciMax Solutions are taking the process in-house.

“Quality is the key with soil sampling,” said Eric Goodman, a SciMax Solutions specialist who is in charge of soil sampling. “While SciMax has partnered with other companies in the past, we’ve started running all our samples at a private lab to provide the highest quality service and data.”

With this new system, you’ll benefit from more flexible scheduling and faster turnaround time. The real results are behind the scenes, however. With the heavy clay soils that are common throughout MaxYield’s trade territory, soil samples need to be dried properly for best results. Since heating the samples to dry them faster can give false readings, the samples need to be air dried.

MaxYield and SciMax are working with Dr. Rick Vanden Huevel of VH Consulting Inc., to provide this attention to detail. “Quality methods and careful research are very important to Dr. Vanden Huevel,” said Goodman, who noted that MaxYield has partnered with Vanden Huevel for six years on SciMax Nitrogen. “He has studied nitrogen management throughout his career, and his expertise will help us provide more sound agronomic results.”

Better nutrient placement equals better yields

MaxYield and SciMax are easing into the new soil sampling system this fall. Trained SciMax professionals will be pulling soil samples this fall and next spring using the latest technology.

“Spring soil sampling is a great option, because it gives us more time to work with clients to develop a fertilizer plan as we head into fall,” Goodman said. Spring soil sampling also saves you $1 per acre, compared to fall soil sampling, he added.

When you sign up for SciMax grid soil sampling, samples are pulled every 2.5 acres using the latest GPS technology. The samples are sent to Vanden Huevel’s certified lab, where they are thoroughly analyzed.

Once the results are in, SciMax compiles maps for your fields. This is the start of a customized fertilizer recommendation plan that shows you where you need fertilizer and how much you need.

“Increasing yields starts when you know how much variability is in your fields,” Goodman said. “Understanding your soil conditions will help ensure you apply the right amount of nutrients where they are needed.”

To fine-tune the process, SciMax sampled a number of fields on 1.6-acre grids this year to see if this offers even better results. “Our goal is to conduct more research and find more solutions that are customized for growers in this area,” Goodman said. “We’re excited about offering in-house soil sampling and look forward to helping our clients increase yields through information management. “

For more information on soil sampling or SciMax Solutions, log onto www.scimaxsolutions.com/soil-sampling.



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