December 3, 2020

Rev It Up: 5 Things Drive MaxYield’s Steve Meyer

Could a racecar driver be your MaxYield Cooperative propane delivery driver? Absolutely, if you work with Steve Meyer.

Okay, so Meyer hasn’t raced for a few years, and safety is always job one when he’s driving for MaxYield, but this guy definitely has an adventurous spirit and a passion for hot rods.

“I’ve loved cars since I was in high school,” said Meyer, a 1970 graduate of Spencer High School. “Some friends of mine had a ‘55 Chevy and a ’56 Chevy when I was growing up. My cousin also bought a new Ford Fairlane GT 390, and I thought I’d like a car like that.”

Here are five more things you might not know about Meyer:

  1. Meyer restored a classic 1956 Chevy. It’s dark blue and white. It has belonged to Meyer’s wife, Barb, since she was in high school. Now this ‘56 Chevy is a hot rod with a new lease on life. “Barb got this car in high school in 1969 when her family bought it from a guy at Estherville,” Meyer said. “It was in pretty good shape, but I redid it before we got married in 1971.”

In 2000, the Chevy received another makeover. “I had a professional restorer from Everly do it right, like taking the body off the frame and repainting the car,” Meyer said. “I also had a guy in Lake Park add a roll cage and narrow the rear end so I could put bigger tires on the Chevy.”

  1. Meyer feels the need for speed. You can’t have a hot rod and not race it once in awhile, right? Meyer had a local guy build a 540-cubic inch engine for his ‘56 Chevy. “We took the engine to Minneapolis to put it on the dyno, and the engine measured 600 horsepower,” said Meyer, who has raced his car at Marion, South Dakota, and Humboldt, Iowa. While he hasn’t raced since 2010, Meyer brings out the Chevy for the car cruise during Spencer’s Flagfest celebration in early June. He and his wife also take the Chevy to Clear Lake during the first weekend in August for the car show and the cruise around the lake.
  2. His family’s roots run deep in northwest Iowa. Meyer grew up in Paullina, where his father ran the Paullina Dairy until the mid-1960s. After the family moved to Spencer, Meyer landed a job with Herbster Electric while he was still in high school. He was later promoted to appliance specialist. He switched gears in 1984 and began handling service work and delivery for Lakes Propane. After that company was bought out by Great Lakes Cooperative, Meyer kept the same job even though the company went through many changes due to acquisitions by Green Plains, Inc., The Andersons, LLC and MaxYield in April 2016.
  3. MaxYield fits Meyer’s style. Meyer drives a bobtail propane truck for MaxYield, and his route takes him from Hartley to Ruthven to Peterson. He works eight- to 10-hour days, depending on the season. “The energy team is a good group to work with,” Meyer said. “The delivery trucks are also nice with all their push buttons and modern technology. I didn’t think I’d like working with computers, but I do. They make life so much easier.”
  4. Meyer soars with a new hobby. While Meyer loves his classic car, he also enjoys flying radio-controlled airplanes. “When my folks lived on Grand Avenue in Spencer, there was a hobby shop in town,” Meyer said. “I saw the planes there and thought it would be cool to fly.” He started investing in this hobby about 15 years ago and finds much of his gear at Hobby Town in Omaha. He has five radio-controlled airplanes and belongs to the Spencer Skyhawks. Club members gather on Tuesdays and typically head to a field east of Spencer to fly their aircraft. “If you can’t see what the plane is doing, it’s too far,” said Meyer, who usually flies his planes no further than a quarter of a mile of away.

Meyer enjoys his hobbies and has no plans to retire from them—or his job at MaxYield—anytime soon. “I like how MaxYield does things, and I’m going to keep working and plugging away.”

Editor’s note: In addition to going to car shows, Meyer and his wife enjoy spending time with their children and grandchildren. Their oldest son, Shawn, is a chiropractor in Chandler, Arizona. Their other son, Corey, lives in Dickens and works for Polaris, while their daughter Ashley, lives in Omaha with her family.



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