March 2, 2021

SciMax Provides Informational Opportunities to Clients

SciMax Solutions recently held micronutrient and sprayer clinics across North Iowa. SciMax clients attended these informational opportunities to learn about new technology, and farming practices.

SciMax Clients learning about new technology in agriculture.

SciMax Clients learning about new technology in agriculture.

Climate, R7 Tool and Tissue Sampling

Keaton Krueger, Agriculture Technology Specialist for Winfield Solutions started the clinic discussing The Climate Corporation’s, newly developed app called Climate. The app is designed to help assist growers determine the amount of rain each of their fields has received and then assigns it a category of field workability. Climate Pro is a step up from Climate Basic, and it allows the grower to manage nitrogen levels, stay on top of pest and diseases and has many other features that the grower is able to take advantage of.

Krueger also discussed Winfield’s R7 Tool. The R7 Tool allows the agronomy specialists to better help the client decide when and where to apply solutions to problem areas. It also allows clients to see a continuous view of in-season imagery of their fields to detect problem areas.

Krueger encourages clients to use the R7 Tool, and says, “Using the R7 Tool in-season imagery to drive tissue sampling is the next step in understanding your fields and nutritional need. This is important in applying precision agriculture in tissue sampling.”

The Importance of Sprayer Basics

Tyler Steinkamp, Regional Agronomist Associate for Winfield, discussed modes of action, sprayer calibration, and sprayer nozzle tips with clients. He stressed the importance of using more than one mode of action, because one weed left in a field can produce 250,000 weed seeds. Checking sprayer nozzle calibration is also very important to be efficient and cost effective when spraying.

Steinkamp reminded growers that when you are spending money on spraying technologies, you need to remember the basic maintenance on sprayer equipment to continue to be profitable.

Tyler Steinkamp, (right) shows a visual of how important it is to check each spray nozzle's calibration.

Tyler Steinkamp, (right) shows a visual of how important it is to check each spray nozzle’s calibration.

Education and Improvement

Scimax Solutions holds educational sessions to educate and our SciMax clients. “By having these clinics, it shows our clients how important the basics are in spraying. It is also vital to know why we use adjuvants, drift agents, and the importance of Class Act, which helps the product get into the plant,” said Rodney Legleiter, SciMax Solutions Specialist.

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