November 28, 2020

Seed Is the New Agronomy: Why MaxYield Seed Matters to You

MaxYield SeedWhen Rick Hurley purchases corn and soybean seed, he knows he’s unleashing a domino effect regarding yield potential.

“It goes beyond the seed,” said Hurley, who farms in the Mallard area with his son, Kyle. “Everything you do creates a chain reaction on down the line, so having good information is a must.”

That’s why the Hurleys purchase much of their corn and soybean seed, including hybrids from CROPLAN GENETICS, Asgrow®, and DEKALB®, from MaxYield Cooperative. Rick likes working with MaxYield Seed Solutions Specialist Kurt Metzger, who helps the Hurleys match the right hybrids to their soil types and soil fertility levels.

“I also like the fact that Kurt follows up with us and checks the crop throughout the growing season through harvest,” said Hurley, who participates in SciMax Solutions. “I appreciate his overall knowledge of seed and agronomy.”

Delivering the solutions behind the seed

Properly placing a bag of seed requires an immense amount of knowledge about each acre, said Keith Heim, MaxYield’s CEO. That’s why MaxYield has introduced its agronomy division as MaxYield Seed.

“Crop production has changed. Seed, crop protection products, and fertilizer recommendations are so intertwined today that they are inseparable. Seed has now become the lead that drives MaxYield’s total agronomy business.”

This means that:

• We’re focused on maximizing your crop’s yield potential. Did you know that today’s corn genetics have the potential to produce up to 500 bushels per acre, while soybeans have the potential to yield 100 bushels per acre? Helping you produce the maximum yield from your seed is MaxYield’s goal. While our agronomy department will now be called MaxYield Seed, count on us for solid fertilizer and crop protection recommendations, as well.

• You’ll see the same familiar faces. Even though we’re now called MaxYield Seed, you’ll still work with the same MaxYield experts you trust. Establishing our business as MaxYield Seed is simply a refinement that will help us become a better business partner for you. Count on us to scout your fields with you throughout the growing season to analyze plant populations, pests, and diseases and find solutions that put more bushels in the bin. “It’s not just about selling a bag of seed,” said Larry Arndt, MaxYield’s sales and marketing team leader and agronomy team leader. “Great agronomy is knowing how to maximize yields after you plant the seed.”

• Local data drives our recommendations. MaxYield Seed has compiled an extensive database from local field trials through the years. This gives our team the ability to place seed with precision. We continue to expand this database with additional field trials to make the information as valuable as possible for you. “Yield data from three years ago is ancient history,” Arndt said. “Having the latest data from our area helps us become better students of our clients’ acres, so we can provide the right solutions for our clients’ unique needs.”

• Education remains vital. From the ground truth information we collect through SciMax Solutions to the precision ag tools available through Monsanto and our other seed partners, we can offer you a wealth of knowledge through MaxYield Seed. We’ll host multiple seed meetings throughout the year to discuss the latest updates in seed genetics, crop protection products, fertilizer, and more. “We’ll help sift through all the data overload to share the most valuable, powerful information that can make a difference to your bottom line,” Arndt said. Hurley appreciates MaxYield’s revamped, solutions-based focus on seed and agronomy. “We’re always trying to find ways to do things better. We like working with MaxYield, because we’re learning something new all the time.”


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