February 27, 2021

Semi-Tanker accident statement

At approximately 2:30 p.m. Tuesday, September 10, a MaxYield Cooperative semi-tractor and tanker trailer was involved in a single vehicle accident near Salix, IA.

The vehicle transporting 32% liquid nitrogen rolled over at exit 135 on Interstate 29.

The driver was not injured.

All of the proper authorities and regulatory agencies were notified immediately after the accident and MaxYield cooperated fully with them through the accident cleanup process.

Removal of the 32% nitrogen from the tanker involved in the accident was completed in a timely manner. The minimal amount of liquid nitrogen that escaped from the damaged tanker was contained and removed following both company and environmental agency protocol. This liquid nitrogen product is neither caustic nor poisonous and did not reach any waterway.

MaxYield is thankful that no one was injured in the accident. We are also very grateful for the fast response of the authorities and agencies involved.


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