November 30, 2020

Shelby Wagner: Seed/Agronomy Sales Intern

DSC_0500Meet Shelby Wagner, MaxYield’s Seed and Agronomy Sales Intern.

What is your major and why?

My name is Shelby Wagner and I have been interested in agriculture ever since I was a child helping out on our family farm. Now, I am a senior at Iowa State University where I study agronomy.

How did you hear about MaxYield’s internship program and why did you apply?

Growing up in West Bend, I heard a lot about MaxYield’s prestigious internship program. Because of that, I have always known that I wanted to be an intern at MaxYield, with the hopes of gaining sales experience.

What are some goals you have during your internship?

At the start of my internship, I was hopeful that MaxYield would help me gain sales experience and offer me opportunities to network. My projects have already allowed me to gain skills in both of these areas, so I am looking forward to developing additional skills throughout the summer.

What are some of your hobbies?

I enjoy deer hunting and fishing. I also like to crochet and spend time in the garden.

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