March 2, 2021

Shelby Wagner, seed and agronomy sales internship

20160614_maxyield_378Shelby Wagner, seed and agronomy sales internship

 Graduation is fast approaching for Shelby Wagner, who will earn her agronomy degree from ISU this December. Her MaxYield seed and agronomy sales internship has helped her learn to “talk farmer” and become a solutions provider.

“I’ve learned a lot about what makes a grower’s operation successful,” said Wagner, 23, whose persistence was rewarded when she was accepted into the MaxYield internship program the second time she applied. “I’ve also learned that the right solutions vary for each grower. I want to help them select the right inputs for their operation.”

Q: What inspired you to study agriculture in college?

A: I grew up on a farm near West Bend where my family raises corn, soybeans and feeder cattle. When I started my college journey, I was an animal ecology major. After I interned with the Department of Natural Resources (DNR), I decided this wasn’t quite the right fit for me. My uncle suggested I take an agronomy class, and I absolutely loved it.

Q: What have you enjoyed about your MaxYield seed and agronomy sales internship?

A: I like working with farmers and learning from them. I’ve done some crop scouting and have been working with growers on the R7 field monitoring tool from WinField. There’s a lot of interest in this technology, which is a good stepping stone into precision ag. I’ve also worked with some of the other MaxYield interns this summer. It’s fun to learn about their experiences and bounce ideas off of each other. I encourage other students to apply for a MaxYield internship, because it’s a great opportunity.

Q: How have you benefited by having Dan Stokes as your mentor at MaxYield?
Dan is great. He’s got a lot of experience and knows a lot. If I have questions, he gets me the answers I need. He’s really patient and is willing to involve me and introduce me to people.

Everyone at MaxYield is really welcoming and has gone out of their way to help me. MaxYield’s internship is the best, in terms of how they treat people. They really spoil us, compared to other internships, and they also have high standards. The interns are walking billboards for MaxYield.

Q: What are your career goals after graduation?

A:  I’d like to stay in Iowa, preferably in northwest Iowa. My goal is to be an agronomist. Maybe I’d even like to work for MaxYield. I know a lot of people who work here and really enjoy their jobs.

            Editor’s note: Shelby is the daughter of Kirk and Julie Wagner. In her free time, Shelby enjoys gardening, hunting, fishing, crocheting and reading. She’s also in the Agronomy Club and Line Dancing Club at ISU.


A Minute with MaxYield Mentor Dan Stokes, seed solutions specialist  

Q: What have you enjoyed about working with Shelby?
 The thing that really stands out from the first day I met Shelby is that she always has a smile on her face and has a positive attitude—things you don’t always see these days. Shelby comes to MaxYield every day ready to work. She’s always eager to tackle a new project or challenge. She wants to learn and interact with the clients. Shelby also helps the MaxYield team wherever she is needed.

Q: What do you appreciate about MaxYield’s internship program?

A: MaxYield’s internship program helps the interns feel like a part of our team from start to finish. This makes me proud of the MaxYield family. Our internship program is not only a learning experience for the students, but it gives MaxYield team members a fresh perspective through the eyes of our younger generation. New ideas are always welcomed and encouraged by MaxYield’s team members. As a mentor, it’s great to get to know the interns and help give them guidance to become a valuable asset to our nation’s workforce.

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