March 1, 2021


Bob Nelson isn’t new to the cattle business, but this doesn’t mean he isn’t interested in learning new ways to become a better producer. While he’s got nearly 60 cows, his goal is to expand the herd to 150 cows so he can bring his two grandsons into the operation.

“First, I wanted to get our mineral program on track,” said Nelson, who farms southeast of Belmond. “I’d heard about MaxYield Feed and decided to give them a call.”

He made an appointment with Eric Malek with MaxYield Feed in Garner. Malek scheduled a time to bring along a representative from ADM Animal Nutrition and tour Nelson’s pasture. “They pointed out what we were doing right and showed us where we can improve,” Nelson said.

Malek and the consultant recommended Rough- N-Ready™ creep feed, which provides calves with minerals, vitamins, energy and protein in a highlypalatable pellet. It has been a good fit, said Nelson, who has done business with MaxYield Feed for two years. “I’ve been very impressed with MaxYield. Their service is excellent, and I’m very satisfied.”

Customized Solutions Meet Your Feed Needs

On-farm calls and personalized service set MaxYield feed apart from the competition. “Building

relationships with our clients is what we do here,” Malek said. “If you need help with rations, we can check the feed sources you’re using, send in silage samples for a nutritional analysis and help you customize the right feed program for your needs.”

MaxYield also offers:

  • Bulk and bagged feed. MaxYield operates a traditional feed mill in Garner and supplies feed for independent livestock producers, including swine and beef. “If you like knowing your feed truck driver, we encourage you to do business with MaxYield Feed,” Malek said.
  • Top brands. MaxYield offers proven products from ADM Animal Nutrition, Kent Feeds and VitaFerm® with Amaferm®, a natural feed additive that boosts digestibility to maximize the feed’s energy value. “MaxYield offers small-town service with big-name feed that offers the highest levels of livestock nutrition and feed safety,” Malek said.
  • Convenient service. MaxYield carries bulk feed and bagged feed for most livestock species. The bagged feed can be delivered to your nearest MaxYield location via our route truck.
  • An experienced, knowledgeable team. Since 1999, Malek has been part of the MaxYield Feed team, which also includes Remington Jorgensen and Travis Christians, who work in the feed mill and deliver feed.
  • Special orders. MaxYield Feed handles many special orders and bags these custom feed mixtures.

“Our feed business is growing, and we’re picking up new clients,” Malek said. “Give us a call if you want to do business locally with a company you can trust.”

Contact your nearest MaxYield location for more information about MaxYield Feed. We appreciate your business.

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