February 27, 2021

Sold on MaxYield: Kody Trampel Builds His Career in Agronomy Sales

Kody Trampel - MaxYield CooperativeWorking full-time at MaxYield Cooperative has been a homecoming for Kody Trampel. This Belmond native completed a MaxYield internship in 2011 and became MaxYield’s newest agronomy specialist in May of 2012 after earning his ag studies degree from Iowa State University (ISU).

“I talked to quite a few different companies at the ISU Career Fair and turned down other job opportunities to come back to MaxYield,” said Trampel, who had worked part-time at MaxYield three days a week during his final semester of college.

Trampel has been meeting with farmers in MaxYield’s east region, where he assists clients with their agronomy needs. The field days and other educational events that he attended as an intern have helped him make the right recommendations on crop production products.

“I really enjoy getting out in the country and meeting with MaxYield’s clients. My internship taught me the value of learning more about our clients’ needs and finding the right solutions for their farms.”

Mentors make a positive difference

Trampel stood out as an intern, due to his positive attitude and ability to interact with people, said Dan Stokes, a MaxYield seed solutions specialist who served as Trampel’s mentor last summer. “Trampel is great to work with, because he’s always looking for ways to do things more efficiently.”

Now that Trampel is a full-time agronomy specialist in the east region, his mentor is Greg Sweeney, a seed solutions specialist based in Meservey. “My goal is to get into sales, so I’m going through a year-long training program,” Trampel said. “Greg is helping me learn a lot, and I also attend professional agronomist sales training meetings and dealer meetings to learn about companies’ new products.”

Helping MaxYield’s clients maximize their yields is important to Trampel, who sees the value in the cooperative business structure. “One of the things that sparked my interest in a job at MaxYield was the cooperative class I took during my senior year at ISU. It helped me understand the member-owner concept and gave me a new appreciation for cooperatives.”

Transitioning from an intern to a full-time team member has been a seamless process for Trampel, who appreciates the opportunity to work in agronomy sales. “I’m comfortable here, know a lot of people in the area, and am glad I can be part of MaxYield.”


You can learn more about internships and full-time career opportunities at MaxYield, right here.



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