March 2, 2021

Spencer Location Continues to Grow

MaxYield SpencerThe Spencer location is no longer MaxYield Cooperative’s best-kept secret, and that’s great news for MaxYield’s clients.

“Our Spencer facility has been a hidden success story, but we want people to know that we’re ready and able to do more business in the Spencer area,” said Larry Arndt, MaxYield’s agronomy team leader.

MaxYield has leased its Spencer facility, which is located on the west side of Highway 71 near the Ready-Mix plant, since 2009. In years past, the facility housed a privately-owned seed company and was once owned by Cargill®. Arndt is based out of Spencer, along with Paul Anderson, a MaxYield grain originator who previously worked at the Fostoria location. MaxYield’s A.J. Goodchild also works out of the Spencer location during the spring seed season from March through early June.

Conference area offers meeting space

Since the Spencer location doesn’t include a grain elevator, it’s not your typical co-op facility. It fits perfectly with MaxYield’s needs, however, since it features a 12,000-square-foot, state-of-the-art seed warehouse that has allowed the company to add seed treatment services for its West Region. The Spencer location also includes more than 8,000 square feet of storage space for crop protection products.

In addition, the facility features a 3,400-square-foot office, complete with a modern conference area that can accommodate groups of 10 to 12 people. MaxYield has hosted meetings here for team members, board members, and growers.

“Because MaxYield’s business is growing, especially south and west of Spencer, this location has become a key facility for us,” Arndt said. “As we increase our seed business and expand our agronomy service at Dickens and Fostoria, we continue to get more use out of the Spencer location each year.”

The Spencer location also includes nine acres of research and development farmland where MaxYield team members have planted various test plots and conducted LibertyLink® soybean trials.

You’re invited to stop by

Anderson, who has been based in Spencer since early 2013, looks forward to serving more MaxYield clients as he focuses on grain origination. “We’ve got a pot of coffee on, and I encourage you to stop by and visit.”


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