January 25, 2021

Standard Nutrition, MaxYield Tap the Power of Partnerships

No one can whistle a symphony; it takes members of an orchestra working together to create this feat. Working in harmony with other professionals is also the key to success in agriculture today. That’s why MaxYield Cooperative has formed a joint venture with Standard Nutrition at the company’s feed mill in Waverly, Iowa.

“We’re excited that MaxYield Cooperative and Standard Nutrition have entered into this grain purchasing and risk management joint venture,” said Ben Buie, grain team leader for MaxYield Cooperative.

Since August 1, MaxYield Cooperative has been handling the grain purchasing, grain accounting and risk management at Standard Nutrition’s feed mill, the former Schneider Milling location east of Waverly. After this family-owned business sold its assets to the agronomy company Nutrien in 2018, Nutrien sold the grain and feed facilities to Standard Nutrition in January 2019.

“While Standard Nutrition is great at making feed, they wanted help with grain origination at Waverly,” Buie said. “MaxYield not only has a state grain license, but the grain origination and accounting expertise Standard Nutrition was seeking.”

Creating a win-win

Since 1995, MaxYield has provided grain procurement and risk management services to various feed mills and grain end-users in the Midwest, including Kerber Milling/Standard Nutrition in Emmetsburg and the Hawkeye Pride poultry feed mill near Corwith.

“These things aren’t get-rich-quick schemes, but they do add solid revenue to the cooperative,” said Howard Haas, chairman of the board of directors at MaxYield. “We keep looking for opportunities to help MaxYield succeed.”

Expanding MaxYield’s reach east of Interstate 35 to Waverly was natural extension for the cooperative. “Before coming to MaxYield, I spent seven years of my career over there, so I understand agriculture in that region and know some of the farmers in the area,” said Buie, who noted that pork production thrives in this part of Iowa.

Standard Nutrition’s feed mill near Waverly is a functional location that contains 2 million bushels of grain storage. The facility includes a grain dryer, which is a plus, since ethanol plants don’t take wet corn, Buie noted. Cash grain bids for the Waverly feed mill are posted at www.maxyieldgrain.com/cash-bids.

“We’re rebuilding trust and growing relationships with farmers in this area,” Buie said. “We have a lot to offer, including cash grain marketing options, firm offer programs, off-farm trucking solutions, innovative grain contracts and risk management strategies that farmers probably aren’t getting from an ethanol plant. We want to be a marketing partner that provides solutions to benefit your farming operation.”

Bob Smith, MaxYield grain superintendent at Waverly.

MaxYield’s former Britt location leader, Bob Smith, now serves as the grain superintendent at the feed mill near Waverly, which is his home area. “We’re hitting the ground running at Waverly, thanks to team members like Bob,” said Keith Heim, CEO of MaxYield. “When you look at the success of MaxYield’s long-standing relationships with other feed mills and grain end-users, I’m confident Waverly will be a win-win, too.”

To learn more about marketing grain at the Standard Nutrition feed mill, contact MaxYield’s Waverly office at 515-200-5149.

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