November 28, 2020

Steve King Helps MaxYield Build on a Solid Foundation

Steve King, MaxYield CooperativeEach action in your relationships with others is like a brick. You choose whether to use it to build a foundation or a wall. Steve King of Spencer, who has served on MaxYield Cooperative’s board since 2006, has helped us build a solid foundation for the future.

After serving two terms, King is retiring from the board but is glad he had the opportunity to be involved for six years. “This was a good experience because you learn a lot about the inner workings of the company,” said King, who wants to devote more time to his farming operation and young family. “You also get to meet other farmers and ag professionals you might not get to interact with otherwise.”

When King ran for the board, he was 28 years old and wanted to get involved in an ag leadership role. Helping to select MaxYield’s successor to general manager Joe Anniss was one of the first jobs King undertook as a new board member. While the process was challenging, due to the many exceptional candidates who applied, King is confident that MaxYield’s board made the right choice by hiring Keith Heim as CEO. “I have a lot of faith in Keith, and his management abilities are top-notch.”

King’s age is one of the factors that has made him an asset to the board, Heim noted. “It’s invaluable to have this younger perspective. The diversity in age of MaxYield’s board members leads to different viewpoints, which give us a clearer picture of what issues are important to our clients.”

Board service provides many benefits

Serving on the board offers many other benefits, added King, who cited:

Steve King, MaxYield CooperativeNew insights. Board members get to learn about some of the latest ag technology and can bounce ideas off of a wide range of industry professionals.

Inspiration. Board retreats offer a unique opportunity to focus on big-picture issues in agriculture and evaluate strategic plans to guide MaxYield. “I’m glad these retreats are held away from Iowa, because you’re free to focus on the task at hand, instead of being distracted by what needs to be done at home,” said King, who participated in board meetings in Tampa, Denver, Minneapolis, and Omaha.

Friendships. MaxYield is fortunate to have a strong board whose members work well together, said King, who values the friendships he made by serving on the board.

As he looks to the future, King is excited about the innovative technology that MaxYield offers clients, from variable-rate nitrogen to SciMax Solutions®. “These are strong parts of the business and offer more room to grow,” said King, who also appreciates MaxYield’s willingness to invest in its grain-handling systems.

Heim appreciates King’s years of service on the board. “I’d like to thank Steve on behalf of all of MaxYield’s team members, board members, and stockholders. MaxYield is better off because of Steve’s contributions.”

Editor’s note: Steve and his wife, Mandi, have two sons, Owen, 9, and Liam, 4. Steve recently hired a full-time employee, John Henely, to assist with his row-crop operation.


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