March 2, 2021

Stress During Corn Pollination

From www.SciMax

Corn pollination is at the beginning of a high uptake time of water and nutrients.  Many fields have tassels already or are very close, and stress critically affects maximum yields.

Water stress is the greatest stress factor at this time, followed by high temperature stress.  The corn plant needs the most water during its life cycle starting now and continuing to the blistering stage of corn.

Corn plants, for maximum yield, needs up to .40 inches of water a day.  Not enough water uptake during this time can result in corn plants to abort fertilized kernels towards the top of the ear.  Low test weight will also result from not enough water at this stage.

The graph shown is the amount of water uptake needed by a corn plant through its stages.  The highest being early tassel to blistering.

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