November 30, 2020

Taylor Kluver: Client Relations/Communications Intern

Taylor Kluver 2015Time has flown by, I have now been MaxYield Cooperative’s Client Relations/Communications Intern for two weeks. Over the course of these past two weeks, I have learned a lot about MaxYield as a company and how they have become who there are today. I started May 13th, arriving at the corporate office and heading right into my first safety training led by Tom Winkle, MaxYield’s Safety Director. During the training, the other interns and I learned that everyone doing their part to practice safety is key!

I spent Thursday morning at an on-boarding training led by MaxYield’s Education Leader, Patti Guenther. After returning, I spent the rest of the afternoon meeting everyone in the office and learning their roles.

Friday we started our quest across MaxYield’s eastern territory, visiting the locations and getting to know their team members. Our last stop on Friday was at the Belmond Fertilizer Facility, which was the highlight of my day. Comparing operations from the earlier visited Algona Fertilizer Facility to Belmond’s was a great way to see how technology has evolved in agriculture.

The following Monday we headed west to visit and meet team members in those locations as well. On May 20th, the other interns and I attended the Kossuth & Palo Alto County Intern Breakfast. Our speaker Kent Stock talked about his life experiences, and the movie The Final Season that was created based upon his life story. After our speaker, we were informed about possible opportunities as interns to help out the community, and ways to work with other interns to build connections throughout the summer.

In my spare time I have started to work on one of my main projects for the summer, MaxYield’s 2016 Limited Edition Tractor Calendar. I have begun contacting the owners and making appointments to meet with them to learn more about their tractors. In the next few weeks I look forward to getting to know the owners, and hearing the stories that come along with the history of their tractors.

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