February 25, 2021

Test Your LibertyLink IQ

True or False?

• There is no known resistance to Liberty herbicide.

True. Liberty is a non-selective herbicide that offers broad-spectrum weed control and can offer a valuable tool in the fight against herbicide resistance.

• There’s yield drag with the LibertyLink system.

False. “Farmers who grow LibertyLink soybeans tell us there’s virtually no yield difference between LibertyLink varieties and other soybean varieties,” said Mark Grundmeier, a seed product manager with Latham Hi-Tech Seeds.

• You have to use more water with the LibertyLink system.

True. Bayer CropScience recommends 15 to 20 gallons of water per acre. Unlike glyphosate, which will translocate to the root when applied to part of a weed, Liberty is a contact herbicide, meaning it will only kill what it comes in contact with. “That’s why you need to drench the weeds,” said Scott Gaskill, a field sales representative for Bayer CropScience.

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