February 25, 2021

Think DEF, Think MaxYield

20131009_maxyield_220 crop compWhile diesel exhaust fluid (DEF) is already being used in some of the newer farm equipment, it’s going to become a lot more common.

Starting in 2014, most tractors, semitrucks, pickup trucks and just about anything with a diesel engine will need DEF. All John Deere equipment with 85 horsepower engines and higher will require DEF, for example, said Mark Collins, a MaxYield energy solutions specialist.

“DEF is a necessity with the new Tier 4 engines. Count on MaxYield Cooperative to supply the DEF you need.”

Tier 4 is part of the U.S. Environmental Protection Agency’s (EPA) efforts to reduce emissions from non-road diesel engines. Because much of MaxYield’s rolling stock will require DEF, MaxYield will have DEF in stock and also offers the product to you at a competitive price.

There are no special grades of DEF, said Chad Besch, MaxYield Cooperative’s energy team leader. “DEF is like anhydrous or #2 diesel fuel in the fact that there are no premium products.”

You will not need to replenish DEF every time you refill with diesel fuel. The DEF consumption will be approximately 4% to 5% of your diesel fuel consumption, noted Bryan Traub, MaxYield’s service station team leader. “If you use 1,000 gallons of diesel, you’ll use about 50 gallons of DEF,” said Traub, who added that MaxYield offers 2.5-gallon jugs, 55-gallon drums, 275-gallon totes, and 330-gallon totes of DEF.

If you have any questions, Traub encourages you to contact him at 515-887-3531, or visit www.maxyieldenergy.com for more information on DEF. “We want to be your go-to source for DEF and other energy solutions.”

Answers to Your DEF Questions

Q: What is DEF?

A: DEF is a high-purity solution of urea in water (32.5%). It is used to chemically reduce emissions from vehicles powered by diesel engines. In engines that use selective catalytic reduction (SCR) technology to meet Tier 4 requirements, for example, the SCR system mixes nitrogen oxide emissions with DEF, so nitrogen and water are the final engine emissions released into the air.

Q: How should I use DEF?

A: DEF is contained in a separate tank and is sprayed into the exhaust gasses. Never fill your diesel fuel tank with DEF. Vehicles outfitted with SCR will have a DEF gauge on the dash panel, just like a fuel gauge.

Q: Is DEF harmful?

A: DEF is non-toxic and is not harmful to humans or pets. You do not need to wear protective clothing while filling DEF. In addition, DEF is not explosive, nor will it burn or aid combustion. For more information on DEF, contact Bryan Traub at MaxYield’s service station at 515-887-3531.


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