January 18, 2021

THROWBACK THURSDAY: A look back at Mallard

corp_scanner@maxyieldcooperative.com_20150324_082346_003 (1024x564)Mallard joined MaxYield Cooperative, then known as West Bend Elevator Company, in 1969.

Acquired from the Federal North Iowa Grain Company, Mallard has a long history of facility upgrades and expansion.

This photo shows the steel bins and wood house elevator that sits to the south of the main location today.

The office shown in the photo was replaced with the current office/warehouse in 1987.

A bulk petroleum delivery truck, typical of the time, sits in the foreground, near the scale that was installed shortly after the transition to MaxYield.

When the two big 500,000 bushel concrete silos were built in the late 1980’s, the Mallard team nicknamed them “Ralph” and “Rosie” after two prominent Mallard citizens.

In 2005, MaxYield reached an agreement to combine the assets, personnel, and business of Mallard Agri-Center.

Expansion in Mallard continues in 2015 with Phase II of a major grain storage and handling project.


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