November 30, 2020

THROWBACK THURSDAY: Davenport Elevator

Davenport elevator in WB compAs we shared last week, West Bend Elevator’s roots originate on the south side of the tracks in West Bend.

On the north side, sat the Davenport Elevator Company.

Ultimately, the property on the north side was purchased by West Bend Elevator, and the cooperative’s expansion was under way!

In this photo you can see remnants of what our West Bend location looks like today. The scale sits next where the feed mill once stood and where the remaining bag feed warehouse sit today. The brick office in West Bend would sit to the left of the buildings shown.

So far, we have not found the exact date or year the purchase of Davenport Elevator took place.

Do you know? If you have the answer, or some clues, please share them with Chad Meyer at 515-887-7211, 800-383-0003, or


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