February 28, 2021

THROWBACK THURSDAY: First town in Palo Alto County to be 100 years old

Untitled-6 (564x1024)As MaxYield celebrates its 100th year in 2015, we look back on when the community of West Bend was the first town in Palo Alto County to hit the century mark.

This newspaper ad clipping from the West Bend Journal shows the freshly completed of the 250,000 bushel concrete elevator.

Then, an entire elevator held 250,000 bushels.

Today, one steel grain storage bin holds more than 700,000 bushels. And an expansion project may include multiple 700,000+ bushel bins.

To say that we live and work in the best corn and soybean producing area, may be an understatement.

Thank you to our clients, members and friends for ‘feeding the world!’



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