November 30, 2020

THROWBACK THURSDAY: Main Street Grain Delivery, 1947

Untitled-2 cropped2 (1024x630) MaxYield Cooperative traces its roots back to the date of the first stockholders meeting, held April 6, 1915, when it was founded as West Bend Elevator Company.

This is one of the earliest known photos in our archives. The caption reads, “All sorts of vehicles line the streets of West Bend to wait their turn to unload soybeans at the West Bend Elevator Co.” Photo was taken during harvest in 1947.

Then, West Bend Elevator was located on the south side of the railroad tracks in West Bend, with scale entrance right off main street.

A few years later, West Bend Elevator purchased the Davenport Elevator Co., which sat on the north side of the tracks and became home to what is now our West Bend location.

As we celebrate 100 years at MaxYield, we are thankful to the members, clients and team members that helped build this cooperative. We are thankful for each one of you!

Photo and caption clipped from the West Bend Journal, Centennial Edition, in the year 1956.



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