February 27, 2021

Top Five Reasons to Visit MaxYield’s Revamped Website

When you’re looking for grain bids, or other ag information online, you want to find it as quickly as possible. We revamped www.maxyieldcoopertive.com to make it as user-friendly as possible.

Here are five big reasons to check out what’s new:

1. Find information fast. You don’t have to drill down through lots of links to find what you’re looking for. We’ve reorganized our main site (www.maxyieldcooperative.com) to make it simpler to navigate. We’ve also created specific sites for seed, energy, and grain that can be accessed with one click from the main site, including www.maxyieldseed.com, www.maxyieldenergy.com, and www.maxyieldgrain.com.


2. Enjoy easy access on the go. You can easily view MaxYield’s site, whether you log on with your smartphone, tablet computer, or other mobile device.


3. Keep current on the latest news. We’ve created a new blog (From the Field) at our main site to provide a one-stop resource with the latest updates from MaxYield and news that’s relevant to our local communities.


4. Connect through social media. If you like to check out Facebook, Twitter, or YouTube, you’ll find MaxYield there.


5. Stay in touch. Looking for Karl Setzer’s grain commentary? Need to find contact information for a MaxYield team member? Want to apply for a job at MaxYield? You’ll find it all at our revamped site, which helps you learn more about the people who provide the solutions you need. “We want our new site to be an information solution that’s a valuable resource for you,” said Keith Heim, MaxYield’s CEO.


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