March 2, 2021

Total Seed Solutions: MaxYield Sees Higher Yields in Your Fields

Greg Sweeney MaxYield SeedHow do you squeeze out an extra 5 to 10 bushels per acre? By working with seed experts who know your farming operation and understand your unique situation.

“We want to be the seed knowledge experts who can spot the next big things to help you boost yield,” said Greg Sweeney, who is transitioning from a seed solutions specialist to MaxYield Cooperative’s seed team leader. “Since it’s hard to be a leader without really understanding everything that’s going on with our clients’ acres, we’re emphasizing education about seed genetics and hybrid and variety management techniques to provide total solutions for our clients.”

Sweeney’s new role will help ensure a unified focus on seed solutions throughout MaxYield. He will also work closely with Seed Solutions Specialists Kurt Metzger and Dan Stokes to identify clients’ needs and work more effectively with seed companies. “We’ll have a seed expert in every area of MaxYield to provide our clients with customized seed solutions,” said Sweeney.

Spending more time in the field

This new arrangement will allow MaxYield’s seed solutions specialists and agronomy specialists to spend more time in clients’ fields during the growing season and assist clients more effectively throughout the year.

“Seed has become, and will continue to be, a more complex decision for our clients,” said Metzger, MaxYield’s seed solutions specialist for the West Region. “MaxYield is placing more of an emphasis on seed to benefit our clients and help us move forward with our seed division.”

Making soybeans more fun to grow

Some of the most exciting changes in the seed industry in the near future will involve soybeans, Sweeney noted. “There are new solutions on the horizon that will make soybeans more fun to grow. We will be looking at new ways to help clients produce 60, 70, or 75 bushels per acre consistently.”

As Sweeney transitions to his new role as seed team leader, he’ll continue to work directly with some clients as MaxYield hires a replacement for his seed solutions specialist role. He looks forward to the opportunities that his leadership role will bring. “This is a new challenge for me, and it’s also a way to help take MaxYield’s seed solutions from good to great.”

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