March 2, 2021

Touring Hobarton Feed Mill and Lakota Ethanol plant


view from the top of Murphy Brown feed mill

By: Derek Haupert

On Tuesday July 10th, the other interns and I toured the Murphy-Brown feed mill in Hobaton and the ethanol plant in Lakota.  Going through both plants was interesting and we got to see where some of the corn grower’s produce goes to.

At the feed mill, it was interesting how many different products come together to create feed for up to one millions hogs at a time.  Also, going to the top of the feed mill was a really cool view of the surrounding area.

Visiting the ethanol plant showed a little more of the chemistry involved in the process to make fuel.  The really interesting part of the process was seeing the actual product at each step of making fuel.  Many by-products are a result of the fuel making process and it was neat to see where these can be used again. The most important point I got out of the tour is how much corn is needed to keep the plant going, about 150,000 bushels per day.

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